Create slide show in 5 steps using Windows 10

Windows 10 got best-inbuilt features to make, edit your capture moments in a very easy manner with 5 steps. You can create slides within minutes and share your memories with friends or family. Let’s get in how to do that.
  1. Click on start menu head to photos.
  2. Click the Import button to add images from the selected folder, USB, Phone or use the search bar to discover.
  3. Once you have all images in timeline select images you wanted to make slideshow or videos. Click on Add to button, choose new to make a fresh one or add to existing creation.
  4. Enter the name of your album system will create and publish. To view created album, click album from timeline menu.
  5. Open the published album, Click the slideshow to view.
Hope this tutorial helps you to create a slideshow in 5 steps with windows inbuilt application.

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